Own an apartment

Are you considering buying a holiday home, but don't want to take care of it all the time? Then we have the solution for you. Buy a cabin or apartment at Tregde ferie. We can do the practical things. Tregde ferie facilitates "memories that will say with you forever"

Let Tregde ferie become your second home

About Tregde ferie

Tregde ferie has soon 50 years of experience with the tourist market- in Norway and abroad.
Here you can take part in the coastal life’s culture, and at the same time it is not far away from other experiences in cities and in the mountains.

Tregde ferie still has plans for the development of two new areas: an apartment project on the parking space down by Fylkesvegen (14 amartments) and one up on Kvernåsen (18 cabins).


Here by us you can rent boats of different sizes to fish or just take a discovery trip on the islands outside, take a kayak or a bike ride. It is a short walk to great hiking tours in coastal terrain.
We have 4 pools that are open during the summer months, a mini golf course, a playground and a barbecue area.
In the spring and autumn, the nature is nice to use for pleasant walks in the area. Here you can pick ram onions, berries and mushrooms. If you want a larger excursion, it it only 45 minutes to the zoo in Kristiansand or 20 minutes to the waterpark in Lyngdal.


We offer caretaker services and cleaning services by appointment.

From April to September we have an open grocery store with everything you need for the cottage life. Freshly baked goods every morning.

Marinaen Restaurant, a short walk from the owner’s section, is open in the summer season. Here there are served meals based on local products, all produced from scratch. Here you can pre-book a table or drop in for a refreshment.

Benefits of being a owner

As a homeowner at Tregde ferie, you have access to all facilities in the area. We take care of the renting, the settelment and the payment of owner’s share of the rental income.
The cabin/apartment is aquipped for use both in the summer and in the winter, and often are autumn/spring among the finest seasons – an undiscovered experience for many!
An investment will be partly financed through the paymant of the share of rental income, and if this is planned well, the rental income can often cover current operating costs and interes expenses. As an owner, 65% of the netto rental income is paid, for more details we refer to the individual owner’s section “Contract for rental”.


Tregde ferie facilitates “memories that will stay with you forever“, and if you already live in southern Norway, the distance is great so that you can use the owner’s section often.