Scuba diving

Tregde ferie is a great starting point for diving. We offer ail filling from the arch on the pier, both 200 bar and 300 bar. In addition, we have drying rooms and storage rooms adapted for divers.


Air filling NOK 75,-

Cutting card with 10 air fills NOK 500,-

We have different boats in different sizes that you can rent. See more about boat rentals in “activities”.

We also offer hire of RBB with drivers/a guide. The Price per trip (4 hours, 2 dives) for boat and guide is NOK 3500,- + petrol for a group. Suitable for 1-10 people. NOK 600,- for each additional hour after 4 hours.

Please contact us if it is desirable for a tailor-made trip.



Bauer Mariner 250E with upgraded filter package to P41 with Securus monitoring.

We only use Bauer VDL100 oil on our compressors.

The compressor supplies 250l/m with both 200 and 300 bar filling. In addition we have a bottle tank of 4x80l 300 bar. We have filling bleachers that allow you to fill 6 300 bar bottles at the same time and 8 200 bar bottles at the same time.

There have been up to 50 divers at the same time without there be any problem with the air filling.


In addition we have an older Bauer Mariner 190l with a P21 filter. This is only for standby, but can be switched on if more than 50 divers arrive at the same time. This can also be rented out by appointment.



The bottles must be labeled so that we can see that they have been pressure tested and checked.

That is: New bottles must have a valid pressure test no older than 3 years, after which there are 2 years validity after the pressure test.


Drying room

We have a drying room with dehumidifier, about 20 sqm. Rented to small and large groups by appointment.



We have the opportunity to collect oxygen, helium and argon. Please contact us for an agreement.


Filling nitrox/Trimix

Must be done with own certified blenders and equipment.


Port space for RBB, air filling and rental of drying room, by arrangement. 

Request sent to:


Around Tregde there are about 60 wrecks, and some of them are particularly beautiful. We have an experienced guide who is CMAS 2-star instructor who can be booked.

Nature dives are also popular at Tregde. Ask our experienced guide for advice.

NB! If you book your accommodation, either on our website or on other websites, it would be very nice if you could tell us that you are divers.

This makes it easier for us to check that the filter on the compressor etc. is in order before your arrival.


Current wrecks around Tregde

D/S Oliva – Depth: 46 – 60 meter:
KNM Kjell – Depth: ca 40 meter.
AM-ME-Mar – Depth: 12 -25 meter:
Hjuldamper Bergen – Depth: ca 20m to 27m
Havbris – Depth: 70m and furhter deeper.
S/S Archangelsk – Depth: 40meter:
Veritas: Depth: 20 – 25 meter:
De Christian: Depth: 20 meter:
Judith – Depth: 18m and down to 50m
M/B Såøy – Depth: 50m and deeper.
S/S Legatus – Depth: ca 40 meter
Savonmaa – Depth 20 – 25 meter:

Nature dives

Slettingsundet – Depth: 0-40 meter. Wildlife, lipfish, leprechaun, scallops.
Sandøybukta – Depth: 0-40 meter
Odd (note on power) – Depth: 0-40 meter

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