RIB tours

We can make boat trips in the archipelago that are suitable for you. In July we also have regular trips to Ryvingen lighthouse.

We have several years of experience with RIB driving and have well-experienced boat drivers, who take you on boat trips all year round as long as the weather allows it.

It is important to dress for the weather (windproof clothing). Good shoes, mittens and a hat. We have life jackets and vests for everyone.

The boat can accommodate a maximum of 12 people per trip.

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A trip in the archipelago

We can make RBB tours on request, that will fit just for you.
Price NOK 7 800,- per hour.

Trip to Ryvingen Lighthouse

We have great demand for transportation to Ryvingen Lighthouse.
Outside the season or abandoned routes in the Summer.
Price NOK 2 600,- per trip.

A trip in the dark

Experience the light from the lighthouse in the winter. We can take you on a trip around Hatholmen, Ryvingen and Sognvår lighthouse. A spectacular trip where you get to experience the magical places of the archipelago with only the lights of the lighthouses leading the way.
Price NOK 8 840,-

Winter trip to Mandal

The winter offers fantastic light, so why not take a trip to Mandal to experience the pleasant streets and cafês that Mandal has to offer. We will pick you up at the end of your trip and take you back to Tregde ferie.
Price NOK 5 200,-

Trip to the Spangereid Canal

Departure from Tregde ferie or Mandal. We take you west to Lindesnes. The Trip goes inside inside Hille, before we meet the open sea. Furthermore we will drive towards Avik and through the idyllic place Svinør. Afterwords we will drive towards Remesvik and Spangereid. Here we will drive through Lindesneskanalen into the Lenesfjord. The trip then goes back through the canal, and if there is time, there will be a small stop on the pier. If the weather permits, we take a Trip to the harbor on the old outskirts of Vårøy, before we take the straight way back to Mandal and Tregde ferie.
Price NOK 10 920,-

Trip to Ny-Hellesund

Ny Hellesund in Søgne is an out port consisting of 3 main Islands; Monsøya, Helgøya and Kapelløya. An idyllic place with lively life in the summer, with the country’s best preserved harbor. We take you through Olavssundet where you can see the contour of Olav’s face in the mountain. An idyllic place with a long history.
Price NOK 7 800,-

Trip to the Restaurant Under

If you have booked a table at the spectacular underwater restaurant in Spangereid and want an experience on the trip, we can give you transportation to Under in our RIB.
Price for the RIB Trip NOK 8 840,- (max 12 persons)


For reservation
Send mail to post@tregdeferie.no